Derriann R.

Dental Assistant

Derriann or Derri, as she is more affectionately known as, started her health care career as a home care giver for a quadriplegic. She was honored to serve in this capacity for 15 years. After that she transitioned into medical office work such as radiology and cardiology. After a couple of years at the cardiologist she wanted to focus more on prevention of heart disease. And dentistry was the perfect fit. She could see the direct link between oral health and heart disease daily in the cardiologists.  Now she helps prevent this terrible disease by helping people achieve a healthy mouth. She is currently celebrating seven years in dentistry.

Derri has been married for 20 years and has three children: one adult son and two teenage daughters. Her proudest accomplishment is her role as mom to her children. Her favorite past times are cooking, canning, gardening, and home decor. She loves bringing to life the do it yourself ideas she finds on Pinterest.