Pay it Forward Smile Makeover Winner – Ben E.’s Story


Ben E.’s Story

For nine years Ben had muscle weakness and pain due to his toxic amalgam fillings. Dr Jason Melashenko removed them now he is pain free.

Read Ben’s own words:

“I remember speaking with Doug Sanders’ office manager who was a pro golfer as well. He had once been a victim of spasms in his left arm. He in particular said he spent $9,000 dollars to remove all the metal from his mouth…and told me he never had spasms again… (Ding!)

Now I am metal free and 2 weeks later feel my left side becoming stronger. I’m expecting a recovery and return to the golf course.

Thank you Surprise Dental and Denture and Doctor J. This feels great! Is it abnormal to have 15 mercury amalgams removed, AND an old toxic root canal extracted all at once and FEEL GREAT hours later? I was amazed with the dexterity Dr. J maintained throughout the entire process. Absolutely on point, no accidents.

I feel like everybody there is my friend. In the big picture, it will become one of the best days of my life. The day my 9 year affliction was removed and became a memory.

Extremely knowledgeable in every aspect. Now I wouldn’t take my daughter to see anybody else.” Ben E.