Dental Savings Plan

With the continual changes in traditional medical and dental insurance, many people have been left without any dental coverage. Others who have dental insurance have experienced an increase in premiums without adequate coverage. Many have found that their particular plan only covers a percentage of a small list of services. Many needed services are not even covered on their plans.

Imagine ordering a hamburger at your favorite restaurant only to find out the price only includes the bun.

Many popular dental insurance companies also have rules about what types of dental materials are used, opting to cover only older, less expensive, and potentially harmful materials. An example of this is amalgam fillings. Some dental plans dictate to the dentist that he must use amalgam for the patient to receive any payment from the insurance company. Amalgam contains hazardous mercury which can poison its users. In addition to the potential of mercury poisoning, amalgam is known to crack teeth, causing the need for more extensive dental treatment in the future. A material that was the standard of care twenty years ago is not up to today’s standards. It should be up to the patient and their doctor to decide what treatment is right for them.

For these and other reasons patients and doctors alike are frustrated with many of the commonly used dental insurance plans.

To help our patients get the best customized dental care they are seeking, the doctors at Surprise Dental and Denture have created an in-house dental savings plan. Our 4 different savings plans help save patients money while allowing the patients and doctors decide the best treatment options for them. Not a 3rd party insurance company. The plans are great for patients because there are no hidden fees such as deductibles or out of pocket co-payments. The doctors happily offer the savings because it saves them the expense and hassle of trying to collect from the insurance companies. Both patients and doctors can focus on what’s most important, creating a healthy, and beautiful smile for life.