Diagnodent Decay Detecting Laser


  • Objective diagnostic tool – Most accurate diagnosis
  • Painless. No “poking” on teeth

The doctors at Surprise Dental and Denture believe in using only objective diagnostic tools and methods for detecting decay or other dental diseases. Traditional methods of decay detection have largely been subjective. For example, the use of the “dental explorer.” Historically dentists poke around tooth structure with the dental explorer to feel for any soft spots. This method is highly subjective as studies have shown. Several dentists examining the same mouth with the dental explorer resulted in different diagnoses. This method of diagnosing proved to be flawed due to human error. This error is eliminated with the use of an objective tool such as the diagnodent decay detecting laser.

The diagnodent uses a laser light beam to measure tooth enamel density. The light beam bounces back in dense, normal, healthy tooth structure. The light beam, conversely, penetrates soft areas such as decay or decalcified tooth structure, alerting the dentist to soft spots with a high-pitched noise. A number value is given to the soft area conveying how deep the cavity has infected the tooth enamel. This objective evaluation of tooth structure and enamel defects assists the dentist in creating the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for each individual patient. The use of the diagnodent is quick and painless. Patients can rest assured that no matter which dental professional is conducting the examination the results will be consistent.

Diagnodent Laser - Cavity Detecting Laser