Digital X-Rays


  • Lower radiation
  • Clearer digital image allowing dentist to catch problems sooner thus saving patient money for treatment

At Surprise Dental and Denture it’s vital that we address concerns about radiation exposure.
That is one of the main reasons we only use digital X-rays. Over the years dental X-ray radiation has become increasingly safe with lower and lower amounts of radiation needed to get a radiograph. Now regular dental radiation levels are equivalent to a few days exposure to normal background radiation found naturally in the air around us. Exposure to digital X-ray dental radiation is even safer than regular X-rays as these emit 90 percent less radiation.

Digital X-rays are taken with a digital sensor instead of film. The sensor needs only about 10 percent of the radiation that film needs to acquire an image. Digital X-rays images are stored on a computer. The advantage over film is that these X-ray images can be enhanced and zoomed in on, aiding diagnostics and providing easier patient communication. This also allows dental offices to send X-Ray images electronically, allowing for simpler referrals and insurance claim submissions. Digital X-rays are immediately seen by the dentist saving the patient time. This benefits all patients through better and timely dental care, especially in a dental emergency.

The advantages of immediate X-Ray image preview and availability, elimination of expensive film processing steps, a wider dynamic range, and reduced radiation exposure make digital X-rays the only choice for our patients.

Digital X-Ray